Lee Cronin and Joscha Bach debated the following question on Clubhouse recently: “Did the universe invent computation or vice versa?

Is the universe a computer simulation?

The gist of the debate is that Lee sees computation as an invention of the universe, for example by way of biological life that created brains and minds which created digital computing machines. Joscha proposes that the universe may, itself, be a computer, for example in the way that John Conway’s Game of Life cellular automaton turns out to be a Turing Complete computer and on top of which can be built other computing machines including the Game of Life…

Today I hosted a conversation on the Clubhouse “social audio“ on the topic of “Neuroscience, AI, and Consciousness.” This was the second weekly installment.

It was great to see several neuroscientists join the conversation with 300+ listeners. We had folks with backgrounds in the neuroscience of vision, neurosurgery, computational neuroscience, and the neuroscience of psychiatry as well as artificial intelligence researchers. The topics covered included the neural representations in the brain, the role of the limbic system, theories of consciousness, and the mechanisms of various psychoactive agents.

The conversation last week explored the computational and information processing model of the…

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I joined the new Clubhouse app last week; what is happening there is quite unusual.

Clubhouse is a “social audio” app that is a cross between a live audio podcast, Facebook, and Twitter. This social audio platform has the potential to change the nature of spontaneous open conversations at scale.

On my first day on the app, a virtual “room” appeared that was being hosted by a former colleague, Jonathan Gheller. The room had a completely meaningless title: “free opinions from the current to the esoteric.” How useless does that sound? …

analog-neural-digital — the great convergence


This space will contain thoughts and observations on a range of intersecting topics. We will be exploring artificial intelligence and neuroscience, consciousness and shared reality, and the evolving influence of technology on society. Writings will provide a perspective on what we know, what we are coming to understand, and what is emerging as we forge our way into the future. Hang on tight!

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