• Imran


    Mind Changer, Entrepreneur, & Dreamer and write about Personal Growth & Business. Medium member since May 2021.

  • Sushant Taneja

    Sushant Taneja

    I Read. I Watch. I Listen. I Code. I Build. CoFounder @ IoTfy

  • Christopher Pryor

    Christopher Pryor

    UX Designer at Yammer, biohacker, neurofeedback evangelist, captain of the olympic thumbwrestling team.

  • Daniel Avrella

    Daniel Avrella

    UX/ID designer, addicted to information and technology, fluent in Lorem Ipsum.

  • Tony Stewart

    Tony Stewart

    Armchair social scientist

  • Dayne Rathbone

    Dayne Rathbone

    Former idiot, cofounder of www.karma.wiki

  • Markku Tauriainen™

    Markku Tauriainen™

    Entrepreneur, CEO, Founder (Taurisol, BellaHelena) Author of INSPIRE ME -book http://bitly.com/inspire-me-2016

  • Tan Nguyen

    Tan Nguyen

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