Are we living inside a simulation?

Lee Cronin and Joscha Bach debated the following question on Clubhouse recently: “Did the universe invent computation or vice versa?

Is the universe a computer simulation?
  1. A computer does not seem like the most natural fit given the spatially continuous nature of matter and particles; the universe does not appear composed of spatial “cells” or other possible units of computable simulation.
  2. Simulations generally suffer from a problem of resolution in which an abstract model is approximated with associated rounding errors. In the virtual world of a video game, there are flaws in the simulation. These are kept hidden because the simulation will increase the resolution as we zoom in, but this is because the game is optimizing for individual single conscious observers with perceptual limitations. The game couldn’t run in “full resolution” everywhere because the resolution, no matter how fine, is still a finite estimation.

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