Neuroscience, AI, and Consciousness on Clubhouse

Today I hosted a conversation on the Clubhouse “social audio“ on the topic of “Neuroscience, AI, and Consciousness.” This was the second weekly installment.

It was great to see several neuroscientists join the conversation with 300+ listeners. We had folks with backgrounds in the neuroscience of vision, neurosurgery, computational neuroscience, and the neuroscience of psychiatry as well as artificial intelligence researchers. The topics covered included the neural representations in the brain, the role of the limbic system, theories of consciousness, and the mechanisms of various psychoactive agents.

The conversation last week explored the computational and information processing model of the brain and how it compares to dominant models in machine learning, including reinforcement learning, deep neural networks, and bayesian theory. Philosophy of Mind is also a popular topic.

It’s been great to see such interesting minds come together to explore the convergence of these related fields!